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Posted 31.01.18

Restrictive Covenant Session

Event Date: 30.10.18
Location: Aberdeen
Venue: TBC
Price: £49.00 + VAT

“The World of Restrictive Covenants – ‘TRICK OR TREAT!’"

THIS HALLOWEEN DON’T BE BEWITCHED OR SCARED SENSELESS come and learn what a Restrictive Covenant can do for you ……..

The use of restrictive covenants in employment contracts serves a number of purposes. At the outset of employment, they set the boundaries for an incoming employee in relation to how they are expected to treat employer confidential information. During employment, it will be apparent from the contract what (if any) other business activities are permitted. An employee who plans to leave their employer should understand clearly what they can and cannot do post-employment and can make any future employer aware of this. After employment has ended, the employer may use such provisions to prevent the former employee from damaging the business – all of this a TREAT for the employer...HOWEVER...

All too often, employers have either poorly drafted and therefore ineffective provisions or no contractual restrictions at all, potentially leading to financial loss and damage to the business – THE TRICK !

This course will look at the fundamentals of drafting restrictive covenants and provide guidance on how they may be used effectively to protect a business.


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